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Heald Green Heritage

The Heald Green Heritage facebook group has been around a while now, but saw an explosion of interest in 2021 with the membership soaring to over 1200 people sharing thoughts and memories of Heald Green.  Facebook is a great tool for gathering information, but for more permanent storage, you need a library - enter the Heald Green Heritage website and library, which makes sense of all the information from facebook and many other sources, storing photos, publishing articles and so on.  

What a great way to preserve the history of Heald Green !

St Catherines has agreed to contribute to these archives, and there are already St Catherines-related articles about the church itself, the Rose Queen and the Mercury Club (which met at the church).  Photos and documents are building up nicely in the library, including scans of the Rose Queen programmes.

All you need to do is click on one of the links above to start your exploration of the history of Heald Green.

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